If you have to take decisions such as
  • Layer- or Robot Palletizer ?
  • 1 palletizer per line or 1 palletizer for several lines together ?
  • End-of-Line Palletizer or Palletizing Center ?
and wish to have a strong partner to help you also when it comes to integration of pallet wrappers, empty pallet checking etc. and connection to your ERP, then you are with LORENZ PAN at the right address. Continue reading and contact us! 

Palletizer Models
The palletizing specialist Lorenz Pan offers a wide range of products:
  • Europal 49 and 67, the highly standardized, economic but robust layer palletizer
  • M5, layer palletizer for low and mid-range speeds
  • M6, layer palletizer for mid-range and high speeds
  • M7, layer palletizer for heavy goods
  • M8, layer palletizer with inline grouping and feeding for highest speeds
  • M9, layer palletizer for smooth handling of fruits and vegetables
  • Deep temperature palletizer (-30°C), stainless, with frost resistant actuators
  • Robot palletizer for special applications
  • Stretch wrappers
  • Conveying
  • Empty Pallet Checking Unit
Layer- or Robot Palletizer ? 
Lorenz Pan uses modern high quality 4 axes robots. The robot heads and the software, and if required case and pallet handling systems and the integration, will be supplied by us.
Ask for our consultancy to decide for robot or layer palletizer.
1 palletizer per line or 1 palletizer for several lines together ?

Dedicated line palletizer :
Mainly used for medium and high speed production lines and with a direct connection of the palletizer to the packaging line. Linked together with other palletizers, a central palletizing plant is created. Main advantages of a dedicated palletizer is that it offers higher reliability, efficiency and simple handling for operators and engineers.
Multi-Line Palletizer :
Mainly used as central palletizing unit. The fundamental principle is the ability to feed more than 1 line to a single palletizer. A buffer conveyor system is positioned at the front of the palletizer and can be configured to store products for a full pallet ...
... for a complete layer.

We will be pleased to find the best concept for you.

End-of-Line Palletizer or Palletizing Center ?

By a centralized palletizing solution, the whole cargo transport will be solved automatically, saving important transport costs.
With end-of-line palletizers the investment is lower but the labor costs will remain constantly higher due to the internal pallet handling and the lower level of integration.  

Which solution suits best to your requirements will be the result of a common investigation.
More than just palletizing 

Pallet Wrappers :
For transport purpose the loaded pallet must be protected against dust, humidity and instability, this is achieved by Wrapping with film, Shrinking with film, Bundling etc.
Conveying :
The case conveyors are part of the palletizer and are required as a buffer between the packaging area and the palletizer. For central palletizing systems the case conveyors are required to collate, buffer, and sort the single sales units. The pallet handling system is part of the factory logistics including conveyors, turntables, pallet shuttle cars etc. and if required, with automatic interface to the warehouse.
Data Recording :
Quality and traceability requirements make it necessary to mark products with their relevant information and save the data. This procedure must be fully automated. The palletizing system is the central point for product data collection and is the link between production line and logistics.
Empty Pallet Checking Unit :
Simple but efficient pallet control units check size accuracy of the incoming pallets and detect disrupting nails and splinters of wood.