About us

Highest cost efficiency for packaging lines is key for production sites domiciliated in the high cost country Switzerland and Liechtenstein. synsys offers packaging machines and lines that have unique quality characteristics that pay off.

synsys is your contact in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for  
  • Demaurex (Delta-Robots with vision system) 
  • Lorenz Pan (Robot and layer palletizers, end-of-line, multi-line palettizers and palettizing centers)
  • DMA (Solutions for plastic crate handling and crate stack storage)
  • Inprosys (innovative, efficiency-raising buffer and conveying systems, based on FlexLink components.   
Our goal is to find the best solution to your production requirements. We focus on the optimal utilization of the entire production asset, so that you can produce cost effective and gain an advantage to your competitors. 

synsys offers you high-quality but cost-effective production means. Confidence and trust are our most important assets. Synsys sets on long-term customer relationships.